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 About us

Sree Harini Emu Farms was established in the year 2011 and strives to deliver finest services. The Founder of  Mr. K.S.KUMAR REDDY saw potential in setting up the Emu farm and the growth of  successful Emu Industry.  Our farm is located in G.Vemavaram, 10 kms away from Kakinada.

A Bout Emu

    Emu  is a National Bird of Australia, which belongs to the ratile family(flightless birds), A second largest bird in the world. Emu is scientifically classified as Dromius Noveahollandie along with other members of the group ostrich,kiwi and rhea, other flightless birds.  Aborigines in Australia utilized these birds for these birds for their basic needs like food, clothing and for treatment.

History in India

Emu farming started in India during 1996, Mr Ram mutyala an NRI brought a small batch of chicks from the US for his relatives, who resided in a small town of Andhra Pradesh called Tanuku in West Godavari Dist.Two more batches of chicks arrived from Dallas, USA,  later at Mr DRK Reddy's farm at G.mamidada, in AP, from here the Emu's spread all over the country.

Products of Emu's

1.       Emu meat :
                      It is 98% fat free red meat, which is similar in look to other red meats Viz.,beef,mutton deer meat etc., Emu meat is rich in iron, Vita C. The tenderness and texture of  Emu meat enables to be fit for preparations which are lightly grilled and pan fried, since emu meat is low in fat, it  looses moisture quickly and is best under moist heat cooking.

2.       Emu oil :  
                    Emu oil semi solid white mass, which is generally located all along back of bird, but when it is processed and refined it is a clear liquid. Emu oil fatty acid composition is almost similar to human skin, which makes it to have high permeability when applied on to human skin. This character of emu oil is utilized for treatment of various conditions namely  arthritis, skin treatment, burn injuries, hair loss etc., This property of high permeability is made use for delivering specific drug molecules for treatment of skin conditions.

3.       Emu skin :
                     Emu skin is of high quality with usual yield of about 6 to 8 sq.ft.per bird. This is used in preparation of leather products including apparels.  The leg skin is very unique and which scales similar to crocodile skin and is being used in protective things knives, swords and shoe top etc.

4.       Emu feathers :
                          Emu feathers have double rafts with sub branching, the down feathers are soft are being used in preparation of brushes specifically used in cleaning hard ware and circuits of electronic goods including computers.

5.       Emu egg and toe nail :  
                              The unfertilized eggs which are emerald green are cleaned and used in crafting antique mementos for sale with different carving on the shell. Emu nails are also been used as key chains, pendants in necklaces.
 Nutrition Values Comparison  Between (100 grams)  Emu and other meats.

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   1. To Start an Emu farm : Guidelines for selection of  Land,Water,Security required for your Emu farm.

   2. Selling of genetically strong quality Emu birds.

   3. Maintenance support:24x7 Maintenance & Medical support

   4. FEED: Highly nutrition feed required for Emu will be supplied for manufacturing cost.Feed formula will be given for the required farmers.

  5.  Guidance for Bank Loans.

   6. Provide updated information about literature,cds and books published on Emu.



Note : Emu Farming project Report Contact :

G.Vemavaram ,Tallarevu Mandal, Korangi post,
Andhra Pradesh -
Mobile :9989423399,9491963399( Call  Telugu & English Languages Only)
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